This is what happens when you are stuck on the tarmac waiting to go on vacation.....



There once was a man from Cancun

who wanted to sell.... not later but soon.

He wanted it gone, without any hassle

but wasn’t sure the value of his castle.

The first agent’s price seemed way too high

The agent said "it’s true, why would I lie?"

The second agent appeared oh so sweet

but didn’t even know the name of his street.

The third agent… who was from Team Rice

used current market data to come to a price.

The man thought the first agent is the way to go

was promised it would sell fast, and high not low.

The months went by and the seasons did change

not a word from his agent, he thought it quite strange.

Finally came a call…said he must lower his price.

the agent didn’t say it once… no, he said it thrice.

He took the advice, did what he was told

he wanted it gone…he wanted it sold.

Finally an offer…but it came in so low

the agent blamed the market, said it was slow.

Never again… will he be fooled by a price

next time he said he will… hire Team Rice.